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Proven strategies


I have been acquainted with JSA International Communications (JSA) for a number of years.  I was concerned...

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Legal Professionals Coaching

“Jasmine is passionate about helping people define and then realise their professional goals. Through a process of inquiry of workplace and personal...

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Tennis Australia

Jasmine Sliger of JSA International Communications who worked with Board members and senior management of Tennis New South Wales (now Tennis...

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IT firm

I first became aware of Jasmine’s work... when she prepared my company in three areas, which included presentation skills training, team building...

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In July 2017, Netstrata approached JSA International Communications (JSA) to develop a recruitment tool or process which would assist the company to...

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"Your work with the solicitors in dealing with clients from the Asia region indicated... a sensitivity and knowledge of cross-cultural issues and difficulties."


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