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Welcome to JSA International Communication

For more than 30 years, our experienced team of business consultants and psychologists has been helping companies in Australia and overseas bring out the best in their people.

We provide People Management Solutions to companies who want to retain and grow their talent, where companies understand the psychological underpinnings of human behaviour. Whether it’s a large organisational change project, company-wide team building or one-on-one coaching, we motivate and support, tackle conflict and offer unbiased insights as we help to set goals and deadlines designed to maximise performance. Extraordinary results are possible.

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JSA works with a wide range of industries… IT, finance, Law, property, aviation, manufacturing and many more.

We boast of working with boards that are now high performance teams that collaborate well, executive teams delivering robust strategic business plans, teams that have far exceeded their sales targets, individuals who’ve crashed through their own personal roadblocks, managers who are managing with renewed confidence and purpose…and many of these people have discovered their passion for work, life and the pursuits of happiness.

"Your work with the solicitors in dealing with clients from the Asia region indicated... a sensitivity and knowledge of cross-cultural issues and difficulties."


Companies we’ve helped

Jasmine Sliger – BA (psych), MA (Clinical Psych), MAPS, AFAHRI, MAIM – Cross Cultural Corporate Psychologist

Jasmine is a cross-cultural psychologist and a multi-lingual communications specialist with a background in organisational development, human resources and clinical psychology.

She is often called on to speak at business events and has made frequent media appearances.

For over 30 years, her organisational projects, executive counselling and coaching programs have produced outstanding results. She is a member of the Aust. Psychological Society.

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