Executive Coaching

Designed to maximise the performance of executives and managers.

It’s an opportunity to reassess leadership qualities, to reach beyond the workplace for independent advice, to consider techniques and strategies in psychology, organisational change and business practice.

Your days may already be full guiding and driving your team. There’s little time to keep up to date with new methods, to learn new skills and processes that corporate leaders around the world have used to take their careers to the next level.

Coaching builds leadership capacity with all C-suite teams. The organisations success, its values and strategies all hinge on the self-awareness and capacity that the C-suite has for leadership excellence.

Whether it’s a team or one on one coaching we draw on evidenced based principles that are practical and well established in the behavioural sciences. Our psychologists conduct in-depth professional assessments – an inventory of a person’s needs, leadership style, their management style, their motivations and fears. We provide insight, suggest strategies, recharge batteries, helping clients to set a new course… at work or at home. We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ policy. Coaching is specifically designed for a person’s needs and goals. Executive Coaching is an opportunity to re-build confidence and motivation, to gather insights and talk strategy with an unbiased adviser. An executive coach will help you prioritise, develop action plans and see them through, checking your progress and supporting your professional goals and your personal dreams.

We also offer a range of evaluation tools that explore management styles, leadership capacity, personality types, emotional intelligence, organisational development awareness and problem-solving capabilities. It’s important to get staff to ‘buy into’ training and development programs as they increase the capacity for high performance. Before every project we meet with major stakeholders to understand the organisation’s history, to plot a course and agree on outcomes.

Our presentations are involving and empowering… an investment in staff that pays bottom line dividends.

“My team benefited from (her coaching programs) and remarked on the mindfulness and flexibility with which I learned to manage the activities of the team. ” 


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