Learning & Development

Programs can lift the performance
and collaboration of all staff.

JSA tailors programs for practically every organisational requirement – everything from a world-wide c-suite leadership/team building program to specialised training in decision making.

An independent facilitator with a ‘fresh eye’ can often see very quickly why problems exist, offer solutions and help to set goals and deadlines.

We also offer a range of evaluation tools that explore management styles, leadership capacity, personality types, emotional intelligence, organisational development awareness and problem-solving capabilities.

It’s important to get staff to ‘buy into’ training and development programs as they increase the capacity for high performance. Before every project we meet with major stakeholders to understand the organisation’s history, to plot a course and agree on outcomes.

Our presentations are involving and empowering… an investment in staff that pays bottom line dividends.

“JSA has the ability to design and implement successful team building, leadership and management programs, ensuring that the design and delivery fits the corporate culture involved.”


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