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We are senior psychologists and business consultants with not only expertise in a wide range of industries, but with broad life experience as well. We’ve seen management fads and theories come and go and know what it takes to drive performance.


Jasmine is a cross cultural organisational and counselling psychologist who is also a mediator, facilitator and executive coach. She uses the principles of Psychology to help companies, individuals and teams become more successful and thrive.

She is also the founder of JSA International Communications where she has worked with her teams across several industries for over 30 years. With a solid background in human resources and learning and development, she has helped hundreds of leaders and teams over the years improve their effectiveness through greater self-awareness and growing leadership competencies in their global world.

Her primary areas of expertise are organisational development (managing change), leadership development and executive coaching. She has built a reputation as a professional voice in the business world by pairing her scientific grounding in human behaviour with a practical approach for organisations. All her work has a global leadership focus and has influenced emerging leaders, helping to build their agility, resilience and motivation. She has been passionate and supportive of innovation all her professional life especially in her executive coaching where she has had the privilege of coaching some of the most prominent executives in Australia. Using a talent management approach and entrepreneurial mindset, her company has been asked to conduct business research for international companies wishing to retain talent.

Currently she is global board chair of Somos21 promoting greater connection and collaboration between professionals across Australia and Latin America. She is also a skilled mediator working on high conflict and complex mediations in corporations and families.

Jasmine has designed and conducted hundreds of tailor-made training programs at all levels of an organisation, her programs have encouraged intercultural communication and leadership development.

Her work has featured regularly in print media, on television and principle speaker at conferences.

"Your work with the solicitors in dealing with clients from the Asia region indicated... a sensitivity and knowledge of cross-cultural issues and difficulties."


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