Tennis Australia

Jasmine Sliger of JSA International Communications who worked with Board members and senior management of Tennis New South Wales (now Tennis Australia) in developing a strategic business plan. At this time (the organisation) was undergoing significant change resulting from the change in constitution and structure.  Jasmine not only provided recommendations and support in the organisation’s strategic directions but also extended her services to include support and coaching for the management team in personal and professional career development.

The result was a strategic business plan of which the Board and staff were justly proud.

Separately, during a number of one-on-one sessions, Jasmine provided me with strategic advice and support in my role as Chairman in an organisation undergoing change.

In undertaking these tasks. Jasmine exhibited excellent communication skills and an ability to relate to all members…, an ability to understand organisational cultures and develop strategies to balance operational management against strategic management, flexibility in dealing with a range of business situations and abides by high moral and ethical standards.