In July 2017, Netstrata approached JSA International Communications (JSA) to develop a recruitment tool or process which would assist the company to recruit and retail the right talent and grow the Company to its fullest potential.

Following discussions between Jasmine Sliger, principal of JSA, and senior members of Netstrata, it was agreed that the preparation of a strategic business plan prior to the recruitment process was appropriate. In July, JSA was engaged to facilitate the preparation of a strategic business plan for Netstrata.

Upon completion of the strategic business plan, and on 4 December 2017, Netstrata engaged Jasmine Siiger to:

  • Facilitate the ongoing implementation of the strategic business plan, and
  • Temporarily undertake the role of a People and Organisation Development (POD) director in order to day the foundations for not only the HR function but a DeopIe function as well. This required significant Organisational change.

Strategic Business Plan

The completion of the strategic business plan, comprising the normal components of vision, mission, core values, strategic directions, strategic initiatives and implementation plan was achieved through:

  • Staff interviews:
  • Workshops with nominated staff (working party); and
  • Participation from all employees.

Jasmine capitalized on our strategic mindsets and guided the actions on the implementation plan. Working groups were formed for each strategic initiative with Jasmine playing an active role in a number of these working groups. Steady progress has been made against the plan with a detailed list of accomplishments.

Jasmine reported directly to me with indirect reports to Board and the executive team.

She is an endorsed Organisational and Counselling Psychologist who specializes in cross-cultural communication. Her cross-cultural expertise was used quite a lot with our diverse workforce and they appreciated her authentic leadership.

In the preparation and implementation of the strategic business plan Jasmine:

  • Proved to be co-operative, conscientious and a good listener;
  • Demonstrated strong and flexible leadership capabilities,
  • Developed a values-driven, tears culture within Netstrata,
  • Built trust with staff;
  • Produced good outcomes;
  • Displayed excellent communication skills; and
  • Was customer focused.

People and Organisation Development (POD) Director

In the role of POD Director, Jasmine guided, managed and implemented the overall foundations and provision of Human Resources services, policies and programs for Netstrata. In this role. she assisted in the values driven, team-oriented culture that emphasized continuous improvement and dramatic culture change.

She guided department heads through an innovative recruitment process, increased employee engagement, worked in providing leadership training and development. and was alert to workplace safety and compliance issues.

Detailed accomplishments, whilst in this role, are listed at Attachment 2.

In undertaking this role, Jasmine exhibited:

  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Excellent organisational management skills;
  • An affiliation with companies that practice effective HR management best practice;
  • A knowledge of and experience in the total range of HR activities;
  • A general knowledge of employment law, standards and practices and experience working with corporate law firms;
  • A working knowledge of HR information systems:
  • Outstanding conflict resolution and mediation skills;
  • Outstanding interpersonal relationship building and employee coaching skills; and
  • An ability to serve as a knowledgeable resource to me as MD and the executive management.


In conclusion I can highly recommend Jasmine Sliger and her company, JSA International Communications for any organisational development assignment. She is an ethical professional who has excellent people management insights, has good strategic thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset that was able to assist us during our dynamic growth process.

Jasmine is an authentic and competent leader and given the circumstances, I would work with her again.

Kind regards,

Stephen Brell
Managing Director