Legal Professionals Coaching

“Jasmine is passionate about helping people define and then realise their professional goals. Through a process of inquiry of workplace and personal experiences she encourages personal awareness of an executive’s interaction with colleagues and the corporate culture which may be impacting on that executive’s progress in the organisation. Her understanding of US corporate cultures and the different behaviours encouraged aided me in identifying my career goals and developing a strategy to achieve these. I learnt that career progression may be best sought in a more enlightened leadership environment, rather than altering one’s personal values and standards.”

“From the moment I met Jasmine, and throughout our sessions together (spanning a number of years), her skill, care and professionalism have always been evident. Her understanding of differing behaviours and cross-cultural expertise allowed her to communicate openly and effectively with me and helped me to understand how I could achieve my full potential in a number of key areas. Her personal warmth, coupled with her professional excellence give me no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending (JSA) to any business seeking to achieve their optimum work/life balance.”