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I first became aware of Jasmine’s work… when she prepared my company in three areas, which included presentation skills training, team building for the sales team and preparing managers for specialised presentation to the Asian business community.

Since then, we have enjoyed many years of colleagueship, which included a long-term Organisational Development (OD) project.

Jasmine’s OD role was:

  • The successful blending of two companies
  • The formalised set up of an international HR department and its systems, and
  • Ongoing OD consultation on a worldwide basis.

Given the economic realities of our times, mergers and acquisitions are generally focused on short-term efficiencies rather than capitalising on sound people management principles for long-term gain. The main focus was assisting us as a management team to become more cohesive and to think laterally in the leadership of our people.

Jasmine’s interventions aided the team in reaching peak performance, to the point where it was clear that we were the number one subsidiary in the international arena.

In setting up an international HR department, she liaised with many professional people including immigration, commercial and litigation lawyers, our global CEO and many people who were not only in our network but also part of hers.

As an organisational psychologist, she had a keen eye on diagnosing organisational difficulties. Often major organisational changes affect employee morale. She was able to problem solve, provide coaching for the managers regarding HR issues and give feedback to employees regarding any concerns that they might have. As a cross-cultural psychologist she was adept in her ability to manage cultural differences in the Asia-Pacific region and to understand the issues of overseas employees and deal with serious crises.

This allowed me as the Managing Director to be more proactive to accomplish our strategic directions.

Through her facilitation of the strategic business plan with us, we solidified our vision, mission, core values and strategic directions while at the same time strengthening our performance as a team.

Jasmine’s years of working with teams as an organisational psychologist and her breadth of understanding regarding all phases of communications assisted us greatly. The best acknowledgement and tribute of a senior OD practitioner is the desire to work together again, which I hope to do again.

Her sense of business ethics is beyond reproach. Her company’s work adds value to businesses especially in the IT industry.

Managing Director

IT firm