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work relationships depend so much on communications. Misunderstandings sometimes blow up into conflict, bad blood or turf wars that gnaw away at morale and the bottom line. Companies turn to us when they see that 'banging heads' together is a short term fix.

Disputes may occur between staff or across departments. Personality differences, cultural misunderstanings or performance expectations are just some of the many reasons performance suffers.

JSA has married psychology with decades of business experience to create programs and strategies that encourage communication without conflict.

 •conflict resolution
 •team building
 •communication skills
 •emotional intelligence
 •cross cultural programs
 •dealing with bullying
 •dealing with stress
 •organisational change

JSA looks for underlying causes then puts systems in place that empower managers and staff to deal with problems as they arise.

Coaching or counselling can be one-on-one, in teams, departments or company-wide.

Emotional intelligence courses are ideal for team building. The inter-personal skills learnt are reinforced in day-to-day communications and participants are often keen to build on their knowledge.

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