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stress can sneak up on anyone. It happens a bit like the unsuspecting frog in the science experiment. He sits happily in a pot of water as ever so slowly the heat is turned up. The poor old frog doesn't realise he's in boiling water until it's too late.

While some signs of stress are obvious and dramatic, there are others that build up over time and we may not know just how stressed we are until it effects our health, work, relationships or the way we think. It can damage the way we process complex information, make decisions, take risks, be creative, motivate ourselves, treat others such as clients and friends and how we deal with even more stress.

There probably still are companies where anyone complaining of stress is thought to be a shirker and treated as an outcast. That's dinosaur thinking. Enlightened businesses accept stress as part of the workplace and harness its power. A little stress can be a great energiser. Too much and it needs to be reined in.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness or failure to cope. It's a chance to bring mind and body in for a tune up. We think nothing of servicing our cars every few months, yet we expect to work for years in often stressful situations without the occasional reality check. No wonder people burn out.

JSA runs 'Stress Tamers' programs for individuals, groups or across entire companies.

Managers and staff are shown ways of maintaining output while dialling down stress levels.

Our 'Stress Tamers' program is an opportunity for everyone to re-charge their batteries and to rekindled enthusiasm for work and life.

Stress Tamers

Learn skills to manage anxiety permanently

Groups start first Thursday of every month



No more than 8 people per group

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