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A powerful course for public speakers.

 •persuade, inspire & entertain

 • techniques to grab your audience

 •rehearse in safe, supportive atmosphere

 •individual or team coaching

 • constructive, independent feedback

executive coaching

executive counselling
organisational change
training and development
cross cultural
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speakers are available for the workplace, conferences, special events and schools. Our team has a wide range of expertise with a fund of real life, often amusing, examples from Corporate Australia.

 •Dealing with every day stress and difficult people
   Is it them or me?
   Think strategically when under attack
   Identify common goals

 •Bullying in the workplace/school
   When enough is enough
   Swimming against the tide of office/peer group politics

 •Enhancing performance
   Building high performance teams
   Relationship management
   Emotional realities

 •Leading people through change
   Identifying the need for change
   Achieve buy-in and acceptance from colleagues
   Inspiring, influencing and developing others

 •Leadership development
   Finding your leadership style
   Inspiring performances beyond expectations
   Emotional intelligence

JSA speakers bring years or practical experience and the latest research to many topics from work to private life.

Hiring a JSA speaker is a good way of sampling our expertise and bringing important issues to staff.

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