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professional assessment offers the opportunity for an independent evaluation of individual or team performance.

It looks at strengths and weaknesses to see if talents are being overlooked or misdirected.

Should a high achiever be fast-tracked? Is someone with leadership potential in the right position?

Companies can unwittingly sabotage their best and brightest with the wrong career development.

What about an executive who has made some bad calls? Is it because there is something going on in their private life that needs to be addressed? Or is there a suspicion of a personality disorder?

Professional assessments are made for a variety of reasons. JSA psychologists have been called in to monitor and assess communications at board level. We've also tracked and interviewed a company's customers to produce an audit detailing motivations, satisfaction and intentions.

JSA prepares and assesses executives and their families for overseas assignments and we provide appraisals and services for staff who've come from abroad.

Many companies consider professional assessments a vital first step before undertaking any organisational change.

All our assessments are conducted in the strictest of confidence with trained assessment psychologists using tools and techniques that we've tested over two decades.

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