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organisational change can be a frightening process for so many people. Valuable human resources, nurtured and trained for years, are suddenly marginalised. They're not helping to drive the change, but may even be a drag on it.

Precious time, productivity and money are lost. Research shows benefits of the change itself are diminished.

JSA analyses the changes needed within an organisation and then recommends ways to effectively implement those changes, involving all stakeholders.

We sit down with all stakeholders to set priorities and deadlines, to energise the process and work through any rivalries and competing needs.

We partner and equip managers with tools from psychology and business. While they may be brilliant at their day-to-day work, managers may not be up-to-date on techniques of communication and motivation.

So much of what can be achieved is down to the staff and their leaders. Both groups must 'buy in' to the process... feel they are making a difference and that their contribution is valued.

JSA programs, workshops, one-on-one coaching and mentoring are designed to generate commitment and include methods to measure their success.

The best planned transformations can fail if executives, managers and staff are not onboard.

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