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Group Therapy for Depression

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newsroom aims to provide a list of upcoming JSA events and courses and to share some of the media appearances made by our colleagues.

The following pages are from our media scrapbook.

Newspaper clipping

JSA was called on to advise on MBF's workplace environment.

The Telegraph reporter said... A workplace psychologist can make a huge difference for a business wanting its employees to thrive in a creative and innovative environment.

JSA CEO Jasmine Sliger was quoted as saying... "Looking after the workers mind and body will ultimately produce a higher standard of performance."

fin review

Assigning executives overseas, whether they're going out or coming into Australia for the first time, can be fraught with pitfalls.

JSA provides relocation counselling services and contributed to this article in the Australian Financial Review.

The reporter said... For many executives, a foreign transfer can be a case of sink or swim in dealing with a new country and work environment.  Smart transfers are the ones that have been masterminded and cultural clashes taken into account.

newspaper clipping

For this SMH article Jasmine Sliger was asked about using New Year's resolutions to kick start career ambitions.

She said... "too many people, particularly executives, just meander along their career path instead of taking pro-active control. You need to make your resolution an ongoing part of your life... you also need to set goals and resolutions that are realistic."

Stress Tamers

Thess workshops are designed for high achievers and their partners.

$275 per person

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