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Stress Tamers

Learn skills to manage anxiety permanently

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No more than 8 people per group

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motivation is often lost when there's a shift in people's lives. Some say they feel deflated or that "the wheels have fallen off." No amount of urging by motivational gurus can reignite the passion unless those underlying issues are dealt with. Sure, some people try to muddle through, but motivation is a hard thing to fake.

JSA psychologists help clients pinpoint the reasons for their demotivation and then with coaching or other programs, work through those problems while helping to set realistic goals and deadlines.

Sometimes regaining motivation is a two step process - dealing with underlying obstacles before someone can reclaim their enthusiasm and power.

Motivation can be eroded for many reasons.

JSA looks at whether people feel fulfilled in their work. Do they want greater challenges, responsibility or recognition, more participation in the process or more opportunity to see the end result of their work?

What are their expectations, are they realistic and what's the best way of communicating those needs? Many people want to improve themselves, their skills and their prospects, but may be derailed by perceived unfairness, personality clashes or turf wars.

We help clients address these issues with self-understanding, including emotional intelligence, and life-long learning strategies.

People who are motivated and happy tend to motivate those around them. They have greater job satisfaction. That builds confidence and self-esteem which spill into all areas of life.

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