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Stress Tamers

Learn skills to manage anxiety permanently

Groups start first Thursday of every month



No more than 8 people per group

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executive counselling looks at the actions, motivations, frustrations and stresses that flow freely across all areas of our lives. Conventional training programs usually ignore what happens outside the office. Executive Counselling is an opportunity to address concerns that straddle public and private life. It's a chance to look at the big picture - are you happy with your life, your career, your relationships?

How we approach the world may be distorted by anxiety, depression, relationship trouble, work pressures, alcohol, gambling and drug issues, grief and bereavement.

Executive Counselling employs many techniques to bring life back into balance.

Self Understanding: Unresolved conflicts, trauma or loss sometimes gets in the way of who we want to be. Step back and see how these issues are affecting performance and happiness.

Response Flexibility: Those who respond well to a crisis have excellent Response Flexibility. Find out how to sort through a wide variety of mental processes, such as impulses, ideas and feelings and come up with a thoughtful, non-automatic response.

Mindfulness: We are mindful when we live in the present moment and are aware of our thoughts and feelings and those of others. Mindfulness is a prerequisite to insight.

Leadership Enhancement: An approach to leadership based on principles of internal understanding. Counselling can help resolve left over problems that hamper performance and cause conflict.

Time does not heal all wounds - sometimes problems need to be confronted, lessons learnt and new paths taken. Whatever the issues, counsellors can guide you to a solution.

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