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Depression is not something you "just snap out of."

Maybe you work with someone who's "not quite right." (Yeah, it's hardly a psychological term, but we all know what we mean).

They seem to be in a persistently low mood. They may be irritable or prone to bouts of anger or be excessively negative.

They feel worthless, anxious and mentally fatigued.

They could be depressed. The World Health Organisation says depression is the fourth most significant cause of suffering and disability.

It's a huge cost to business, draining staff morale, diverting management resources and damaging client relationships. Many companies try to ignore the problem, hoping it will eventually go away.

The good news is that depression can be treated. And, it's faster, more cost-effective and less disruptive to treat the illness than let it drag on.

"It's well into the hundreds. We've helped so many people over the years with their depression. It's great to see valuable, high functioners with some passion back in their work and private life."
                                                               Jasmine Sliger, JSA CEO.

Our clients are often sponsored by their company, while others come as individuals. Sessions can be one-on-one or part of our Group Therapy for Depression courses which start on the first Monday of the month. Please call and ask what would be appropriate for your circumstances.

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