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bullying is often insidious. While it is easy to recognise a full-frontal verbal attack, bullying also goes on very quietly, below the surface of day to day activity. Bullying can be events or words which by themselves appear inconsequential, but when seen as a whole reveal a deliberate pattern of denigration.

Bullies use many methods to undermine their victims.

 •exclusion from information, groups and activities
 •the silent treatment
 •denial of well-earned rewards or promotions
 •altering crucial information
 •taking credit for others' work
 •failure to offer well-deserved support

And, of course, there are more blatant bullying behaviours including sexual harassment, racism and violence.

Bullies are a threat to a company's reputation and morale and may leave it exposed to legal action.

JSA acts as a circuit breaker. Not only do we offer counselling, support and strategies to those who are abused, but we also work with bullies who may not understand how harmful their actions are. They often have low emotional intelligence and sometimes the organisational frameworks around them reinforce damaging behaviour.

Counselling/coaching can be one-on-one or as part of a team building workshop.

JSA runs emotional intelligence programs and can provide speakers on bullying, depression and many other workplace issues.

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